Who is Monnie Aleahmad?

I’m an award winning actor, director and artist from Chicago, based in the Los Angeles area. I’m known for my appearances on camera in films, TV shows, commercials, webseries, TV pilots, music videos, YouTube sketches, hosting, and offering socio-politcal humor/commentary; on stage in scripted roles and improv shows; and voicing commercials, films, and podcasts. I’m Persian and African American. I speak English and Farsi. I also draw and paint as it offers me a therapeutic and creative release. I’m pretty silly. Oh, and I LOVE to dance! Nice to meet you.

Theatrical Reel

Coming Soon:

Catch me as a lead in the dramatic indie ensemble piece When Icarus Fell


Get in touch:

Find me on social media or email me. I’m always happy to connect and collaborate.

Let’s make dope art.